TECH employs the Harvard Case Method in its academic programs to improve learning systems

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The use of this pedagogical method based on the presentation of real cases, has proven unprecedented academic efficiency, positioning TECH as the best online university in the world at the forefront of distance education

TECH Technological University, in its continuous quest to improve learning systems, has included the Harvard Case Method in its educational system. As a pioneer in introducing this approach in online academic programs, TECH provides its students with genuine business cases, which allows them to learn from real situations that are workable in today’s professional context. Thus, graduates are fully prepared to face the working world and become highly valued assets for companies.

“TECH provides its students with real business cases, which allows them to learn from real situations that are totally feasible in today’s professional context.”

Considering the above, and following the highest international standards, the overall score of TECH’s learning system is 8.01. Thanks to this, the institution has been recognized by Forbes as “the best online university in the world” due to its innovative pedagogical method, which includes up to 16 didactic elements in each lesson, as well as top-notch content and specialized teaching staff at the forefront of each of the areas of study.

That is why it has positioned itself as a benchmark in distance education, it currently has more than 100,000 students and 500,000 graduates from around 150 countries, making it the world’s largest online university.

Learning by doing: the main asset of the Harvard Case Method

Since its founding in 2015 under the leadership of the TECH educational group, this university has set itself the goal of breaking the structure of traditional teaching. To achieve this goal, it integrated the Case Method, created in 1912 by Harvard Business School at Harvard University, into its academic programs.

This method was designed to enhance the academic skills of law students, to this end, the teaching team decided to implement an active learning model so that they could easily work in real situations through practice. In this way, they were not limited to just learning concepts and laws in a monotonous way, but discovered a new method of study that was active and allowed them to apply what they had learned in a truthful way.

As this project had excellent results, Harvard decided to set it up as the standard method of teaching in all faculties. Nowadays, it is recognized as the best method of learning from leading business schools around the world, thanks to its focus on improving the practice of management skills creating an important connection between the academic world and business real cases.

‘’The cases give the student the opportunity to really think and apply the knowledge they learn from their readings or study books to a real situation and produce solutions and conclusions. In other words, the case method teaches how to think in the real world.’’ highlight William Ellet from Harvard Business Review.

Reinforcing knowledge through repetition: Relearning

TECH Technological University not only stands out for using the Harvard Case Method, but its success is also based on the combination of this important pedagogical approach with the best online teaching method: Relearning which breaks with traditional teaching techniques to put the student at the center, supplying the best content in different formats. In this way, they will be able to review and reiterate the key concepts of each subject and learn to apply them in a real work environment.

Also, according to scientific studies repetition is the best way to learn, due to this fact, TECH University supplies around 8 to 16 repetitions of each key concept within a lesson in a unique way, to ensure that the knowledge is internalized in every learning program.

Thus, to apply this method effectively, TECH focuses on providing students with teaching materials in different formats: texts, interactive videos, illustrations, and knowledge maps, among others. All of them are designed by qualified teachers who focus their work on combining real cases with the resolution of complex situations through simulation, the study of contexts applied to each professional career and learning based on repetition, through audios, videos, presentations, animations, images, and more.

“The Relearning method breaks with traditional teaching techniques by offering the student the best content in different formats. In this way, he gets to review and reiterate the key concepts of each subject and learn to apply them in a real environment.”

This system’s implementation, together with the growth and expansion of TECH internationally, has allowed the university to offer over 10,000 academic programs. All of them are continually updated to guarantee professionals a contextualized study. Also, TECH has implemented tools such as psychometric models, based on learning outcomes and on the competencies that students must get to pass the course, knowing how to put into practice everything they have studied in a realistic way.

The essence of this method is to supply confidence and autonomy to the person. Thus, the knowledge is permanently anchored in the student, who can also learn at their own pace and according to their time and lifestyle, which is unthinkable with traditional learning methods. Thanks to the results of this pedagogical model, TECH has received multiple international scientific awards and has been recognized, thanks to its innovative system, as the largest digital university in the world.

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