Jail can’t stop her: Mai TT’s rise in popularity stuns fans!


Incarceration has not diminished the bond between Mai TT, a popular comedian and social media personality, and her extensive fan base in the country. Despite being convicted as a thief and serving a nine-month prison sentence, she appears to have gained even more popularity since her clash with the justice system in June.

Mai TT, whose real name is Felistas Murata, was found guilty of defaulting on community service and the theft of trust property, a case dating back eight years. However, her recent public appearance at the country’s premier agricultural show demonstrated that she has not lost her appeal.

Supporters flocked to the event to show their unwavering support for the embattled comedian. Social media platforms have also been abuzz with messages of love, appreciation, and encouragement toward Mai TT, despite her personal challenges.

One commenter, Blast from the Past, admitted, “I never liked Mai TT, but I am loving the person she has become.” However, others expressed hope that her time in jail would lead to her reformation upon release.

Critics urged Mai TT to return stronger but without resorting to theft, threats, or unnecessary confrontations with other socialites. They hoped that prison would provide effective rehabilitation programs for both male and female inmates, as suggested by Melba Chekai.

Rufaro emphasized the importance of social reintegration, stating, “She should come back knowing how to interact with society, rather than causing disturbances at every turn.”

Marvellous hoped that Mai TT’s return would bring positive changes, including abandoning a fake lifestyle and refraining from exploiting others for financial gain. She encouraged her to focus on honest work to support her family.

Ayana simply expressed a wish for a genuine transformation, while Daniel Alfonso humorously remarked on her weight gain and penchant for drama.

Despite the diverse opinions, it is evident that Mai TT’s popularity remains intact, with her fans rallying behind her during her time behind bars. As she continues her journey, the public waits to see how her experiences will shape her future endeavours.

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