HORROR: Man stabbed to death for stealing satchels


Tragic Altercation Leads to Arrest: Man Accused of Fatally Stabbing Another in Nkayi Village

In a distressing incident that unfolded on 23rd September, a man was arrested for allegedly stabbing another man to death in Mveliswa village, Nkayi. The motive behind the fatal attack stemmed from an accusation of theft regarding two satchels belonging to the suspect’s cousins.

According to a statement released by the police, the arrested individual has been identified as Mthandazo Ndlovu (47). He stands accused in connection with the murder of Happy Ncube (29), who tragically lost his life after sustaining a fatal stab wound to the chest with a knife. The incident occurred in Mveliswa Village, specifically in the Zinyangeni area of Nkalakatha.

The police statement further revealed that the victim, Happy Ncube, had reportedly attacked the suspect’s cousin before allegedly stealing two satchels. It was in the aftermath of this confrontation that the fatal stabbing took place.

The community in Nkayi has been left in shock and sorrow following this tragic event. Law enforcement authorities are actively investigating the circumstances surrounding the incident, aiming to gather more information and ascertain the full details of the altercation.

The arrest of Mthandazo Ndlovu marks an important step in the pursuit of justice for the untimely passing of Happy Ncube. Meanwhile, the incident serves as a somber reminder of the potential consequences that can arise from heated confrontations and the importance of finding nonviolent resolutions to conflicts.

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