I’ve found someone who knows and fears God, he satisfies me in bed: Woman dumps musician for pastor


Zimbabwean musician Sgodo, whose real name is Alson Mandla Thebe, is facing heartbreak and demands a refund of the lobola (bride price) he paid to his in-laws after his wife, Buhle Ncube, left him for a man of God. Sgodo is not only seeking a reimbursement but also fighting for access to their child, who is currently living with her mother.

The couple initially had a promising future, and even after their child turned one, no one could have predicted the sudden collapse of their marriage. Ncube decided to leave Sgodo and took their child with her to live with her mother, leaving Sgodo devastated and desperate to maintain contact with his child.

Frustrated and feeling deceived, Sgodo is now demanding a full refund of the lobola he paid for Ncube. He claims that his in-laws were attempting to drain him financially and leave him with nothing. Sgodo suggests that their child should be allowed to live with his own mother, who is still alive, but Ncube’s parents oppose this idea.

To make matters worse, Ncube allegedly tried to make Sgodo jealous by sending him romantic messages and pictures while being involved with other men. Rumours circulate that Ncube left Sgodo for a well-known pastor residing in South Africa.

In response to these allegations, Ncube claims that she left Sgodo due to his abusive behaviour. She explains that their relationship started out well, with Sgodo paying lobola to her parents and her moving in with him. However, trouble arose three months later when she discovered his extramarital affairs. When she confronted him, he justified his actions by claiming it was necessary to maintain communication with the mother of his other child. As a result, Ncube decided to leave Sgodo, taking their child with her and returning to South Africa to work and provide for their child.

According to Ncube, Sgodo began calling and insulting her, demanding the return of their child or reimbursement for the lobola he paid. She expresses her disbelief at his demands, highlighting that she gave him a child and cannot continue to stay in an abusive relationship with someone who lacks clarity about what he wants.

Ncube emphasizes that she has moved on and urges Sgodo to do the same. She states that she is too young to endure abuse and has found happiness in a new relationship with someone who respects her and her parents. Ncube boldly asserts that if Sgodo wants to see their child, he is welcome to do so, but if he wishes to have custody, he must pay lobola for their child as well. As their child is currently below the age of 18, she maintains that she has the right to make decisions regarding their child’s welfare.

Ncube concludes by asserting that her new partner is a God-fearing individual who treats her well in all aspects of their relationship, including intimacy.

“When I was with him, it was like I was going to die of stress, he did not even know the size of my pants, now I am in a happy relationship, and I have found someone who knows how a woman is supposed to be treated. He even satisfies me in bed.

“Tell Sgodo I am very much fine and have found someone who knows and fears God, not a singer like him,” she bragged.

She dismisses Sgodo, emphasizing that she has moved on and found someone better suited to her needs.

The situation between Sgodo and Ncube remains unresolved, with both parties expressing contrasting perspectives on their failed marriage and custody dispute.

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