Mudenda under fire: Recalls of 15 CCC MPs threaten to plunge Zimbabwe deeper into turmoil

Speaker of Parliament Jacob Cde Jacob Mudenda

The Zimbabwe Council of Churches (ZCC) has expressed concerns over the recent controversial recalls of 15 opposition MPs from the CCC party. The ZCC warns that these recalls could further strain the country’s economy and deepen the belief that participating in national elections is futile.

In a statement issued over the weekend, the ZCC also criticized the actions of the national assembly speaker, Jacob Mudenda, for acting on a directive from self-imposed CCC secretary general, Sengezo Tshabangu. Mudenda expelled the opposition lawmakers based on Tshabangu’s directive, despite receiving communication from CCC leader Nelson Chamisa dismissing Tshabangu as an imposter and sharing resolutions from a party communique that emphasized the recalls were not a collective decision of the main opposition.

The ZCC highlighted the alleged mishandling of the recall process by the speaker, pointing out the recognition of a letter from the interim CCC spokesperson while disregarding the communique from the CCC President. The ZCC expressed concern that such actions tarnish the reputation of state institutions, which have long been criticized for unfair practices.

The church group also raised objections to the recalls, stating that they are pushing the country back into a polarized state following the recent divisive elections. The ZCC argued that the recalls would trigger by-elections, putting additional strain on the country’s fragile economy.

Instead of focusing on nation-building and economic development in the post-2023 elections period, the ZCC warned that Zimbabwe’s progress would be hindered. The organization believes that the recalls disrespect the electorate and send an unhelpful signal that the country’s electoral processes are ineffective in choosing leaders.

Moreover, the ZCC expressed concerns that the recalls reinforce the perception that the Mnangagwa-led regime is determined to establish a one-party state in Zimbabwe.

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