Deadly misunderstanding unfolds during beer binge: Man kills madala and tries to burn his body

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A tragic incident unfolded in the village of Chiwundura, as a resident was arrested for a fatal altercation that occurred during a night of heavy drinking.

According to Inspector Emmanuel Mahoko, the Midlands provincial police spokesperson, the incident took place on Sunday at approximately 11 PM.

The unfortunate events began when Terrence Solomon, a 26-year-old individual from Rugare Village, Chief Chiwundura, and Samson Mpofu (57) from Dinhira Village, Chief Chiwundura, decided to enjoy some drinks together at Gunde business center in Chiwundura, Gweru.

During their beer binge, an argument erupted between Solomon and Mpofu. Solomon, accusing Mpofu of causing trouble within the community, let his emotions get the best of him. The disagreement escalated, and Mpofu decided to leave the business center and head home.

Undeterred, Solomon pursued Mpofu, armed with a log. He caught up with Mpofu near his field and viciously struck him on the back of the head with the log. Tragically, Mpofu succumbed to his injuries on the spot. In a disturbing turn of events, Solomon attempted to burn Mpofu’s body, but his efforts were unsuccessful.

The following morning, at approximately 5:30 AM, a passerby discovered Mpofu’s lifeless body lying in the field and promptly reported the matter to the police. As a result of this report, Solomon was apprehended by law enforcement agents.

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