Chaos in Harare CBD as suspected cellphone thieves fake death to escape mob fury

File Picture: Mob bashing a thief

In a dramatic turn of events in the Harare Central Business District, two individuals identified as Prince Mubaiwa and an accomplice known only as Tafadzwa, both from the Avenues area, found themselves at the receiving end of a brutal mob assault after allegedly stealing cellphones.

The furious mob unleashed a barrage of kicks and punches, subjecting the suspects to a thorough beating. In a desperate attempt to escape the relentless assault, Mubaiwa and Tafadzwa resorted to faking their own demise.

The mob, undeterred, took the suspects to a nearby water source where they were doused with running water, perhaps hoping to revive them. However, their charade was eventually halted by patrolling police officers who intervened, preventing further attacks.

Subsequently, the suspects were escorted to a police base located in the First Street Mall, where they were handed over to the authorities.

The mob expressed their intention to discipline the alleged thieves, aiming to deter them from engaging in future criminal activities. “They deserve a lesson they won’t forget; let them be punished, give them water!” shouted one member of the mob, reflecting the prevailing sentiment.

The incident serves as a stark reminder of the repercussions faced by suspected criminals in the Harare CBD, where vigilantism occasionally emerges in response to perceived injustices.

Please note that promoting or condoning vigilante justice is not recommended, and it is essential to emphasize the importance of allowing the legal system to handle such matters.

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