Zimbabwean teachers demand jaw-dropping salary increase: You won’t believe the figure!


Zimbabwe Teachers Association (Zimta) has called on the government to urgently increase teachers’ salaries to a minimum of US$700 in order to enhance their living conditions.

Goodwill Taderera, the secretary-general of Zimta, emphasized the importance of salary improvements before the commencement of the next academic year. Currently, teachers are receiving far less than their expected wages, with even half of the projected amount proving elusive. In light of this, Taderera expressed hope that the government would genuinely address the issue by raising salaries to at least US$700.

Taderera further acknowledged the government’s engagement with the teachers’ union through social dialogue and appreciated the opportunity to present their proposals. Zimta’s previous salary proposal had suggested an amount of US$800, and they look forward to the government’s continued commitment to fruitful discussions that yield positive outcomes.

Non-monetary incentives were also a topic of discussion, with Taderera noting that despite prolonged deliberations, tangible progress has yet to materialize. The teachers firmly believe that receiving salaries in US dollars would be the most effective way to move forward. Taderera revealed that they had previously reached out to the government, requesting an invitation to the negotiating table, but had not received a response thus far. He urged the government to take the initiative and initiate discussions on salaries before the new academic year progresses too far.

The plea from Zimta highlights the pressing need to address the financial challenges faced by teachers, who play a vital role in shaping the nation’s future. The government’s prompt action in improving teachers’ salaries would not only uplift their living standards but also serve as a testament to their value to society.

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