Inside the world of MPs: Bizarre requests and lavish desires revealed in budget debates!


MPs request government allowance for spouses’ hotel stays during legislative duties

Members of Parliament (MPs) have made a plea to the government, urging them to consider allowing their spouses to stay in hotels while they carry out their legislative duties.

The motion, which highlights a range of benefits, was raised by Insiza South legislator Spare Sithole during discussions on the 2024 national budget.

Sithole referred to unfulfilled promises made during the previous Parliament’s fifth session, specifically regarding the provision of vehicles. He highlighted a discrepancy in the promised vehicle price of US$80,000, which was later revised to US$50,000, resulting in a US$30,000 difference. Sithole expressed the expectation that the outstanding amount would be reimbursed as cash. Additionally, he requested the privilege for MPs to have their spouses accompany them and stay together in hotels while they carry out their legislative duties.

Proportional Representative MP Tsitsi Zhou raised concerns about the quality of services provided in hotels, mentioning an incident where she was bitten by mosquitoes. Zhou suggested that MPs should be offered loans from the central bank to purchase houses instead of relying on hotel accommodations.

Edmore Samambwa, the Zhombe legislator, voiced dissatisfaction with the current salary levels of MPs, comparing them unfavourably to their regional counterparts. Samambwa expressed concerns that the low salaries had become a topic of ridicule in their respective constituencies, equating their pay to that of ZESA interns.

Gokwe Central legislator Davison Masvisvi highlighted the need for increased fuel coupons due to the relocation of Parliament, which now requires MPs to travel an additional 30 kilometers. Masvisvi emphasized that the current allocation of fuel coupons was insufficient to cover the increased distance.

Rushinga legislator Tendai Nyabani proposed a revision in the distribution of fuel coupons, suggesting that the allocation should be based on the size of an MP’s constituency. This would ensure that MPs representing larger areas receive a proportionate amount of fuel coupons to accommodate their increased travel requirements.

The MPs’ requests for additional allowances, improved services, higher salaries, and adjusted fuel coupon allocations reflect their concerns about the practical challenges they face in fulfilling their legislative duties. As discussions on the 2024 national budget continue, these issues will be considered, providing an opportunity for MPs to advocate for changes that better support their roles and responsibilities.

It remains to be seen how the government will respond to these requests and whether adjustments will be made to address the concerns raised by the MPs. As the budget discussions progress, further deliberations will shed light on the potential outcomes and implications for parliamentary operations and members’ working conditions.

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