Turmoil in CCC as Nelson Chamisa moves to bar Sengezo Tshabangu from using his face as party logo

Self-imposed CCC Secretary-General Sengezo Tshabangu

CCC leader Nelson Chamisa blocks unauthorized use of his image in party symbols

In a recent development within the opposition party, Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), its leader, Nelson Chamisa, has taken a firm stance against the unauthorized use of his face in party symbols.

This move comes amidst internal conflicts, with self-imposed Secretary General Sengezo Tshabangu recalling CCC Members of Parliament, claiming the position of Secretary General despite the party’s assertion that it does not exist.

On Monday, Tshabangu endorsed his own candidates for the upcoming February 3 by-elections, utilizing CCC symbols that prominently feature Chamisa’s face. In response, Chamisa’s legal team swiftly penned a letter addressed to the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC), emphasizing that the use of party symbols by individuals without proper authorization amounts to an illegal act.

The letter, written on behalf of Chamisa, highlights his consent given in June 2023 to specific candidates to use his face image as a logo during the harmonized elections held between August 23 and 24, 2023. These candidates, whose names were specified in a letter dated June 15, 2023, and submitted to the ZEC on the same day, were granted permission to utilize Chamisa’s image on their nomination papers.

However, it has come to Chamisa’s attention that individuals not listed in the aforementioned letter have misappropriated his image for the purpose of misrepresenting and misleading the electorate. Chamisa’s legal team asserts that such actions are illegal.

Last month, Tshabangu’s candidates prominently displayed CCC party symbols during the by-elections. Despite Chamisa’s objection, Tshabangu maintains that he is the legitimate Secretary General and intends to continue using CCC symbols.

This clash of authority and the unauthorized use of Chamisa’s image emphasizes the internal strife currently plaguing the opposition party. The matter will now be addressed through legal channels as Chamisa seeks to protect his image and maintain control over the party’s symbols.

The situation raises questions about the power dynamics within the CCC and the need for unity and clarity in party leadership. As the dispute unfolds, political observers will be closely monitoring the outcomes and implications for the future of the opposition party.

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