High Drama Unfolds: Chinese boss discovers missing US$15 700 hidden in maid’s handbag in rubbish bin


Housemaid faces charges for allegedly stealing US$15,700 from Chinese employer

In a surprising turn of events, a Harare maid found herself in court facing theft charges after her Chinese boss accused her of stealing a substantial sum of money.

Otilia Mushoriwa (39) appeared before Harare Magistrate Mrs Evelyn Mashavakure, who remanded her in custody until tomorrow for a bail ruling.

The complainant in this case is Hongzhong Chen (38), a resident of Avonlea, Harare. According to the State’s case, on December 26, Chen received a considerable amount of US$15,000 from his Chinese friends, which he carefully placed in his wardrobe for safekeeping. However, upon checking the money later, he was dismayed to find it missing.

Suspecting foul play, Chen confronted his maid, Mushoriwa, about the missing funds. Initially, she denied any knowledge of the money’s whereabouts. Determined to locate his missing cash, Chen meticulously searched every corner of his property until finally, he stumbled upon his money hidden within Mushoriwa’s handbag, discreetly discarded in the rubbish bin.

Despite the discovery, Mushoriwa continued to deny her involvement in the theft when confronted by Chen. However, Chen counted the money and it was US$15 700. Mushoriwa is alleged to have also stolen US$700 which was in Chen’s pair of trousers.

Mushoriwa, in her defense, claimed that the US$700 found in her possession was her own money. She alleged that she had brought it along to cover her personal expenses during her lunch break in town. However, Chen was unconvinced by her explanation and promptly contacted the police, leading to Mushoriwa’s subsequent arrest.

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