Tense Boxing Day stand-off ends in tragedy as police officer shoots and kills knife-wielding man


An active member of the Police Constabulary (Policon) section stationed at ZRP Mkoba has been charged with murder after he opened fire on a rowdy man who reportedly created a scene on Boxing Day when he cheekily confronted some armed police officers with an Okapi knife.

Following the incident, the deceased was found with multiple wounds from his shooting with a rifle.

The murder accused cop has been identified in a police memo as 19-year-old Kudakwashe Gurajena of Mkoba, Gweru while the deceased victim was named as Bongani Ndlovu, 26, of Lower Gweru.

According to the police memo, Ndlovu violently confronted Gurajena, who was on patrol together with his colleagues in the early hours of Boxing Day in an attempt to free his colleague, one Tafadzwa Ndhlela, who was being escorted to the police station by operatives after he had been arrested for disorderly conduct.

Ndhlela was among a few other suspects who had been arrested on the day and were being escorted by police.

Ndlovu, further read the police memo, ganged up with his colleagues to throw stones at the police officers ordering them to release his friend.

Police later sought reinforcement but failed to apprehend the now deceased who immediately fled the scene.

Police narrated in their memo, “While the accused and his team were escorting Tafadzwa Ndlela and other accused persons to the police station, the now deceased started throwing stones at the police officers ordering them to release his friends.

“The stones hit P/Cst Musazulwa on the right lower leg and P/Cst Masango on the right hip. They sustained a swollen leg and a swollen hip respectively.

“The now deceased who was armed with an okapi knife snatched handcuffs and keys from P/Cst Masango threatening to stab him.

“Police called for reinforcement from Mkoba police station, when it arrived Bongani Ndhlovu ran away and the police officers failed to apprehend him. A report of Assault was made at ZRP Mkoba RRB 5816501 refers.”

Still determined to accomplish his mission, Ndlovu reportedly, pitched up at Mkoba police and continued with his violent attempt to free his colleague while armed with an Okapi knife.

“At around 0830hours, Bongani Ndhlovu came to ZRP Mkoba stood by the gate shouting demanding the release of his friend Tafadzwa threatening to kill one of the police officers using a knife he was wielding in his hand.

“Number 071811E Sgt Ncube, 081475J Sgt Mushai, 086659T, Cst Motsi, 077164Y Cst Shava, 06466N Cst Svova, 088508D Cst Mafios, 889437A P/Cst Gurajena, 077075A P/Cst Gobvu, 071214S P/Cst Musazulwa were instructed to surround the accused person and effect an arrest.

“Sgt Ncube was armed with an F/N riffle Serial number ZRP 2993 with a magazine of five(05) rounds and Cst Shava was armed with a Mosberg rifle Serial Number ZRP 251 loaded with one round.

“Upon seeing police officers advancing towards him Bongani Ndhlovu started running and the police officers pursued him.

“When they reached the Northen side of Bata dam, Sgt Mushai fired three warning shots in the air using an FN rifle Serial number ZRP 2993 instructing the deceased to surrender and lie down.

“The deceased did not take heed to police instruction, instead he charged towards Cst Shava and P/Cst Gurajena who were coming from the Eastern direction wielding a knife in his hand.

“Cst Shava who was holding a Mosberg rifle suddenly tripped and fell down, letting go off the rifle. The accused saw the now deceased wielding an Okapi knife charging towards them threatening to die with one of the police officers.

“Accused immediately picked the Mosberg rifle and fired one shot in the direction of the deceased who was about six (06) meters away thereby shooting him on the neck and he died on the spot.

“The scene was attended by ZRP Mkoba, C.I.D Mkoba and C.I.D Scenes of Crime Gweru. The body was observed lying on its back with the head facing the western direction.

“The white sweater was stained with blood and a pool of blood was observed underneath the head. An okapi knife was observed near the body’s left hand.

“The body was inspected and gunshot wounds from pellets were observed as follows: – five (05) bellow the chin, one (01) on the upper lip, one (01) on the right eye, one (01) on top of the head and one (01) on left shoulder.”

Police said Ndlovu’s body was taken to Gweru Provincial Hospital where he was certified dead by doctor Gonapo.

The body was later taken to the Mortuary awaiting Postmortem. ZimLive.

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