Uku kurisker mahara: Says Jonathan Moyo as Winky D ignites storm with politically charged album

Prof Jonathan Moyo

FROM catchy hooks to controversial verses, multi-award-winning dancehall musician Winky D’s show Ghettocracy Store, has ignited a firestorm of debate. Packed with potent lyricism, the release has left fans and critics scrambling for their microphones, ready to either applaud the artist’s boldness or decry the politicisation of their music.

Since 2019, Winky D’s music has sparked international debate and mixed reactions, creating a battleground for passionate opinions. Even some government officials have waded into the controversial debate.

Presidential spokesperson George Charamba said: “This can only entertain people – Triple C especially – who see in such political ribaldry some compensatory messaging from their blunted politics. Hapana zviripo apa!!!!”

Self-exiled former cabinet minister Jonathan Moyo said: “#WinkyD2024. This does pass for entertainment, not top-drawer stuff but mundane political entertainment with no political value or mileage in the scheme of things; and to be sure, it’s not music even by the poorest of standards; but truth be told, uku kurisker mahara!”

Chofamba said: “What exactly is reprehensible or criminal (or whatever the source of your offence is) in what @winkydonline sang? Is it a crime to refer to the disputed presidential election result, which is a fact?

“Did state media not ban his album; and did @holytenmusic not disown a song he did with Winky D after Zanu-PF voices opposed it? Do we not have vanhu vanodya zvavapfupi nokureba munyika – is corruption not endemic, and did we not all watch the #GoldMafia documentary? Are Zimbabweans not leaving in droves?

“If all these things are factual, why are you trying to call out the hounds on an artist, especially given that you’re a seasoned political scientist and politician, and composer yourself? And more significantly, a victim of the current regime for holding political views and allegiances that are contrary to its leaders?

“To use your own words, why are you trying to normalise the abnormal? Would you prefer that Winky D and his young family also made a run for dear life as bullets ricocheted off his house front? No, Prof, you know how dangerous this is, and you shouldn’t be shoving our young artists into the crosshairs of an insecure, censorious regime that has no qualms about visiting repressive measures on critical voices, as you yourself have testified here,”

TheeLionessZw said: “Asi Winky D ka bravery yacho that man when he stands for something he stands hard. God bless Winky D. May he continue to get recognition from Africa and beyond!!”

Smokey said: “Enzo Ishall has more hit songs than any other Zimbabwean artist. He is Winky D’s only competition and HICC anotoizadzawo”

Tedious Musinachirevo said: “From what I have so far read from people who are inclined to Zanu Pf like they say Forewarned is forearmed. Winky D must increase his vigilance especially on the road and must be very careful when he sends his cars for service and must be very watchful of what he eats.”

Boris Muguti said: “If you don’t like Winky D that’s pure hate. How can one despise such genuine talent, exceptional artistry & the remarkable longevity of a career spanning two decades? Mucharoya imi”

Dereck Goto said: “WINKY D versus Nelson Chamisa: A Frank Evaluation In the history of Zimbabwean social media, no figure within the opposition ranks has trended as much as Winky D did over his 2023/2024 New Year’s political/music gig. While fervour rages among opposition supporters concerning the political undertones in his music, a conspicuous silence envelops Nelson Chamisa.

“This silence is by no means coincidental; rather, it is a deliberate act of disregard on Chamisa’s part. He is fully aware that his position as the leader of the opposition hangs by a thread, and Winky D poses a credible threat to his leadership. The truth remains that CCC supporters have become fixated on this untalented yet politically vociferous musician, primarily because Nelson Chamisa has let them down as a leader, leaving them desperate for any semblance of potential leadership. Chamisa is acutely cognizant of the perils associated with endorsing political musicians, having an acquaintance with one such musician from Uganda who goes by the name Bobi Wine.

“Although Bobi Wine’s political journey in Uganda has been poor, he nonetheless commands the role of opposition leader, much like Chamisa in Zimbabwean politics. The ascent of Winky D as the clear favourite among his loyal supporters poses a more formidable threat to Chamisa’s leadership than the combined challenges of Tendai Biti, Welshman Ncube, and Sengezo Tshabangu. Let it be known that Nelson Chamisa is currently grappling with the rise of Winky D, and his actions—or lack thereof—speak volumes about his apprehension” Kutaura kuno, Nelson Chamisa ari kutokwata Winky D.”

Former Norton legislator Temba Mliswa: “In life, the more you falsely attack someone, the more their stature grows. We saw it with Strive Masiyiwa, repeatedly fought over a license. He kept shining until Zimbabwe was smaller for him. When a man has a talent from God, you can’t put him down. Just let him be!” NewsDay.

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