Mayhem as mob bashes 2 Egyptian nationals in disturbing Ruwa incident

Ass-Comm Paul Nyathi

Egyptians falsely accused of child kidnapping attacked by mob in Ruwa

In a disturbing incident in Ruwa, two Egyptian nationals were subjected to a violent attack by a mob that falsely accused them of child kidnapping. The incident unfolded when Mohamed Sheriff Kamal Mohamed Khalil and Abdelgawad Maher Mouh, both 21 years old and residing in Damofalls Phase 6, were confronted by the angry crowd. However, the police have since cleared the Egyptians of any involvement in kidnappings.

According to the two men, who were taken to the police station following the incident, they vehemently denied the kidnapping allegations, stating that they were engaged in the business of selling kitchen utensils. In an attempt to verify their claims, the police conducted a search of their Honda Fit vehicle. Inside, they discovered several boxes containing household items, including a 108-piece dinner set, a set of 15 pots, and a cutlery set with 110 pieces.

Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi, the national police spokesperson, urged the public not to take the law into their own hands. He provided further details on the case, stating, “The two were accused of abducting and kidnapping children. Preliminary investigations have shown that there is no abduction and kidnapping. The two have been selling household utensils that included dinner plates, pots, carpets and other items. Their business was received with mixed feelings by the community and some teamed up and attacked them.”

A resident of Ruwa recounted the events, explaining that the two Egyptians were intercepted in Sebassa Park suburb, where residents demanded identification. However, the Egyptians fled the scene in their vehicle. Undeterred, some residents gave chase, leading the Egyptians to the Damofalls Industrial Park, where their car became stuck in the mud. At this point, the Egyptians attempted to escape on foot, but the pursuing crowd caught up with them and began assaulting them until a security guard intervened to rescue them.

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the dangers of mob justice and the need for thorough investigations before accusations are made. The false allegations against the Egyptians not only subjected them to physical harm but also highlight the importance of respecting the rule of law and due process. As the police continue their investigations, it is crucial for society to promote tolerance, understanding, and the fair treatment of individuals, regardless of their nationality.

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