High drama as Zimbabwean women flock to Turkey for trendy Brazilian Bum-Lift surgeries

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Zimbabwean women embrace body-transformation surgeries despite risks

The recent tragic death of a British woman following a Brazilian Bum-Lift operation in Turkey has drawn attention to the growing popularity of body-transformation specialist surgeries among women in Zimbabwe. Many affluent and well-known individuals have sought out these procedures, primarily in Europe, in their pursuit of a more youthful appearance.

These surgeries have enabled women to shed years off their perceived ages, with some appearing significantly slimmer than before and others bidding farewell to their once-troublesome bulging tummies. The results have been so impressive that it has sparked a surge in interest among Zimbabwean women, who are willing to invest substantial amounts to achieve similar transformations.

““It’s a hit among many women in this country and a lot of us are investing in these operations, which come at a huge cost, because we are impressed by the results seen in those who have undergone such surgeries,” said a woman, who chose not to be identified.

“Just to the Village (Borrowdale), let’s say on a Saturday, and you will be surprised by the transformation that many women, especially the rich and famous, have undergone, thanks to these surgeries in Europe.

“The surgeries are different, depending on what one wants, but the mission is the same — to look younger, fitter, slimmer and even more rounded, for those who want to maintain their curves.

“People are investing a lot into these medical procedures and those who have undergone this transformation are now inspiring others, either from a distance, or from exchanging notes and it’s a movement I can tell you,” shared an anonymous source.

The surgeries vary depending on individual desires, but the common objective is to achieve a younger, fitter, slimmer, or curvier physique. The significant financial investment required for these medical procedures hasn’t deterred those inspired by the success stories of others. The movement is gaining momentum through distant admiration and the exchange of notes among those who have undergone similar transformations.

However, the recent death of the British woman highlights the inherent risks associated with such delicate procedures. Demi Agoglia, a 26-year-old mother of three, experienced chest pains shortly after returning to an Istanbul clinic for a routine check-up and ultimately suffered multiple heart attacks. Her family had cautioned her against undergoing the Brazilian bum-lift procedure. Tragically, Demi’s case is not isolated, as two other British women, Melissa Kerr and Leah Cambridge, lost their lives in recent years due to fatal blood clots following BBL procedures at Istanbul clinics.

It’s worth noting that Turkey is the same country where Olinda Chapel, a UK-based Zimbabwean businesswoman and socialite, underwent her own surgery two years ago. Olinda proudly shared her weight loss journey after undergoing the sleeve surgery, emphasizing how it had improved her overall health and well-being. Despite facing hurtful comments about her weight in the past, Olinda remained resilient and focused on her personal growth.

While body-transformation surgeries offer a chance for a physical metamorphosis, the risks involved cannot be ignored. These incidents serve as a reminder that thorough research, consultation, and consideration of potential complications are crucial before undergoing any surgical procedure. The pursuit of beauty should always prioritize safety and individual well-being.

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