Tragic nightclub incident: Man stabbed to death after ordering a 13-year-old girl to go home


Tragic stabbing in Lubangwe leaves Hwange man dead after confronting minor at nightclub

A somber cloud hangs over Lubangwe as the community grapples with the tragic death of a Hwange man who was fatally stabbed on New Year’s Day. Wisdom Dube (30), who resided in South Africa but was visiting his hometown, paid the ultimate price for rebuking a 13-year-old girl for attending a nightclub as a minor. The incident has sparked concerns about the erosion of moral values among the youth, leaving the community in shock.

The ill-fated encounter occurred in the early hours of January 1, 2024, when Dube approached a young girl near the Lubangwe Business Centre. Expressing his concern for her safety, he advised her that it was inappropriate for someone of her age to be present at the nightclub during late hours. Urging her to return home, Dube sought to guide the young girl on a path aligned with societal norms.

However, unbeknown to Dube, his words of caution were overheard by Obedience Mudenda (24), a cousin of the girl. Fuelled by an inexplicable anger, Mudenda confronted Dube, leading to a heated altercation in the dimly lit streets. Tragically, the confrontation turned violent, with Mudenda allegedly drawing an okapi knife from his pocket and swiftly stabbing Dube in the collarbone.

The severity of the wound caused Dube to collapse, rendering him unconscious and fighting for his life. Despite the desperate efforts of a concerned patron, who rushed Dube to Victoria Falls Hospital, the medical team’s attempts to save him were in vain. Dube was pronounced dead upon admission, leaving behind a grieving family and a community in disbelief.

Matabeleland North police spokesperson, Inspector Glory Banda, confirmed the arrest of Obedience Mudenda in connection with Dube’s murder. Inspector Banda disclosed that investigations are underway, shedding light on the possibility of additional assailants being involved in the crime.

The tragic incident has reignited concerns about the moral fabric of society, as village head Mr Felix Ncube expressed his shock and lamented the loss of moral values, particularly among young people. Ncube voiced his worry about the apparent disregard for authority and the inability of some young individuals to heed guidance and correction.

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