Disturbing Incident: Toyota Aqua driver steals 2-year-old baby from mother in heart-wrenching case

Inspector Emmanuel Mahoko

In a devastating turn of events, a 26-year-old woman from Gweru experienced the unimaginable loss of her two-year-old baby girl. The incident unfolded when the mother, Ms Loraine Hungwe, was leaving Gweru Provincial Hospital after obtaining a birth record. As she approached a hitchhiking point near the hospital gate, she was approached by three women and a male accomplice who lured her into a car, a Toyota Aqua Reg AFW 6808.

According to Midlands Provincial Police spokesperson Inspector Emmanuel Mahoko, the vehicle’s occupants included three ladies, one of whom was holding a baby, and a male driver. As they headed towards town, the driver suddenly changed the route, claiming that he needed to drop off one of the passengers in the Southview suburb.

Upon reaching Southview, the driver asked Ms Hungwe to briefly place her baby on the seat to assist one of the women in exiting the vehicle. Seizing this opportunity, the driver callously sped away towards Bulawayo Highway, leaving Ms Hungwe helpless and frantically chasing after them on foot, but to no avail.

“While in Southview, the driver stopped and asked Ms Hungwe to put her baby on the seat and help the other woman to get out of the car. While Ms Hungwe was out of the vehicle the driver drove away in the direction of Bulawayo Highway, leaving Ms Hungwe to chase after them on foot but to no avail,” said Insp Mahoko.

Devastated and filled with anguish, Ms Hungwe promptly reported the heart-wrenching incident to the police, hoping for swift action to recover her beloved child.

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