Unveiling Sonja’s ex-hubby Chivayo’s cryptic birthday message: What was he really trying to say?


Wicknell Chivayo’s cryptic birthday post raises questions about his relationships

In a perplexing move last November, Wicknell Chivayo, a prominent figure, chose his birthday as an occasion to share a cryptic message, leaving many wondering about its true meaning. Even H-Metro, known for its curiosity, ran a headline that exclaimed, “Wicknell, What Did You Really Mean?”

Chivayo’s social media post featured a picture of his children, accompanied by a statement asserting that only they loved him unconditionally, without any ulterior motives or financial expectations. He added, “The rest makateya mari ndiri kukuzivayi hangu,” suggesting that others were solely interested in benefiting financially from their association with him.

When H-Metro reached out to Chivayo for clarification, he dismissed any hidden meanings and claimed it was a simple caption without references. He stated, “It’s a mere caption with no hidden meaning, hapana zvimboripo, ingori caption yandaisa papicture rangu.”

However, with the recent dissolution of his seven-year marriage to Sonja Madzikanda, it is natural to question if Chivayo also included his estranged wife among those who didn’t love him without seeking financial gain.

Some speculate that Chivayo posted the video and caption as a protest because Sonja had not publicly wished him a happy birthday. Now, in light of their failed marriage, many are revisiting those messages, wondering if they missed any warning signs during that period.

Social media reactions to Chivayo’s post were mixed, indicating that many sensed a deeper meaning behind his words.

Ironically, Chivayo has recently appeared content and prosperous. He has been generous with gifts and money, showering artists, church leaders, and others with presents. Some fortunate recipients have even received lavish cars, with price tags reaching up to US$180,000.

Following the news of his marital breakdown, Chivayo seemed unfazed and continued his benevolent streak by donating a new car to musician Sniper Storm.

As the story unfolds, attention-grabbing headlines continue to surround Wicknell Chivayo, leaving the public curious about the true intentions behind his enigmatic birthday post.

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