It won’t end well: Gogo’s business empire crumbles after she refused to feed her snake human blood


ALL she wanted was to have more money.

So in 2017, she claims she travelled to Mozambique where she was given a snake.

At first, she fed the snake dog and cow meat, but it now craves something different.

“I’m the only person who feeds that snake and I wasn’t scared because the sangoma assured me it would never demand anything else,” said the 63-year-old gogo from Orlando West in Soweto.

In September last year, she slaughtered a dog and cow and took it to the room where she kept the snake.

But she found the meat in the same condition when she returned the next day.

“I instantly became scared because one of my friends told me the snake might demand human blood one day,” she said.

The gogo said she didn’t know what to do as the friend who accompanied her to Mozambique died in 2018. So she went back to Mozambique, but the sangoma had moved.

The gogo then visited a local sangoma who told her she couldn’t help her as these kind of snakes were hard to get rid of.

“I then started dreaming about this snake demanding human blood. All my stock died since I stopped feeding it and I lost two restaurants in Soshanguve, Tshwane and my spa in Leondale is closed. I’m left with a supermarket which is also not doing well.

“I honestly just want it gone. A sangoma told me the snake is still alive and even if it dies from starvation, I’ll be haunted by its spirit,” she said.

Gogo’s best friend said she feared the snake would finish her friend’s family.

“If she doesn’t get rid of it, it will also leave her to starve to death. We’ve been seeking help, but we’re failing,” she said.

Sangoma Joseph Dungamanzi said the first option would be to ask the sangoma from Mozambique to remove it.

“If she can’t find the sangoma, she’ll have to look for a sangoma who deals with such issues, otherwise it won’t end well for her,” said Dungamanzi.

— Daily Sun

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