JUST IN: Popular prophet who prophesied that France would beat Argentina 1-0 in World Cup final SUED

Tinashe Michael Sello

CONTROVERSIAL Harare prophet, Tinashe Michael Sello, has been sued for defamation by a South Africa-based Zimbabwe businessman.

Sello is already under fire from his followers for wrongly predicting the result of Sunday’s World Cup final between Argentina and France.

The Christ Celebration International Ministries leader tipped gamblers in his congregation to place their bet on France, suggesting that Les Bleus ‘would beat a defensive Argentina’ 1-0.

Argentina went on to conquer the world by winning 4-2 on penalties.

Businessman, Moreboys Munetsi, through his lawyers, Tarugarira Sande Attorneys, is demanding a retraction from the prophet.

“We have been instructed to act on behalf of Mr Moreboys Munetsi and Great Hope International, please note our interest.

“We are advised that on 6 November 2022 on your Facebook page with the handles Tinashe Michael Sello and Prophet Michael Sello – The Ultimate, you posted a video of your supposed sermon which was 1 hour 6 minutes and 32 seconds in which you gave a variety of prophesies.

“Amongst the prophesies from 40 minutes 54 seconds to 47 minutes 50 seconds you are seen making slanderous and defamatory statements which concerns the business and person of our client.

“You questioned two women of their relation to the owner of Great Hope (Moreboys Munetsi) to which they responded saying ‘‘hanzvadzi yedu yekwababamukuru’’.

“To quote, in your response, you then made the below unfounded statements which are both untrue and demeaning:

‘‘Ndiye akabata mushonga …vakomana ava vakanoromba, mudzinza mashereketa munhu ane funeral parlour’’

“It is undeniable that these defamatory statements were made by you in referral to our client and to Great Hope. Based on the above statements, we have been instructed to state the below:

“1. Our client is not related in any way to the two adult ladies seen in your video and he has no connection to the said family, save to mention that Great Hope offered services to this family for the repatriation and burial of one Primrose Sangare who was their sister,” reads the letter to Prophet Sello.

The letter says before the passing of the said individual, Munetsi had neither heard nor seen any of these individuals.

His lawyers said the deceased was a fully subscribed member of a funeral policy cover provided by Great Hope

“As you are aware kuromba is popularly known as an act associated with ritual killings and/or the use of dark powers to make money. As such, it is looked viewed with disdain in our culture.

“It is beyond damaging that you publicly, in an uncalled for and fabricated manner, circulated a video on your social media with a wide viewership alleging that our client akanoromba and even alleging that he is the reason the family in the video is suffering misfortunes.

“Given the absence of relations between our client and your supposedly two followers whom you were giving an audience, it is appalling then how such an allegation can be made.

“Our client is a businessman and humanitarian who has built his business based on honesty and integrity, and as such, your false, defamatory and baseless statements have caused significant harm to his image and that of Great Hope. Our client is a well-respected professional internationally.”

Munetsi’s lawyers said he had spent years serving the community through Great Hope and building a positive reputation.

They said Sello’s slanderous and defamatory claims concerning him and his business have been detrimental, not only to him or his business, but the entire Munetsi family.

“Accordingly, we have been instructed to demand that you immediately and with a public apology, retract your defamatory statements against our client within 48 hours of receipt of this letter and that you pull down the videos on your social media handles to ensure that there is no further defamation of Mr Munetai’s character and Good Hope’s reputation.

“If you do not comply with this demand, it is our instruction to seek monetary damages and equitable relief for your defamation in the appropriate court without further notice. Cost incurred shall be to your account,” the lawyers wrote.

— HMetro

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