Zimbabwean VS UK Gambling Authorities: What is Better For GamStop Gamblers


Today is the time to check and see all the similarities and differences between Lotteries and Gambling Board and UKGC. These are gambling authorities in two different countries but developed for the same reason. Now is the time to understand each one in detail. We will try to reveal as much data as possible and help you understand both of these as much as you can.

United Kingdom Gambling Commission

The United Kingdom Gambling Commission or UKGC is one of the best-known and one the most secure gambling commissions in the world. They control gambling in the United Kingdom as you can assume. Yes, they control all forms of gambling and the main goal here is to make sure operators are offering fair and safe games to people.

In order for the casino to get the UKGC license, they need to apply for it and the site must meet countless rules and laws. The permit is one of the most expensive in the world and also one of the hardest to get. This is due to countless rules the gambling authority will have and an operator must meet all of them. The casino will have to pay over 42.000 GBP to submit the request for the license.

For players, this also means that UKGC makes any online casino much safer and far more appealing. It means that the casino where you will gamble is safe and fair and all the games, payment methods, and more are usable and work as they should. It also means that the player has rights and he or she can use the rights if needed.

One major advantage of UKGC is the presence of GamStop. This is a platform or a system that is paired with a UKGC permit. In other words, if a casino has UKGC it must offer GamStop to the players. It is a huge advantage and something that you will want to use at some point.

If a player has a gambling addiction or is worried about one he can create an account at GamStop. As soon as he is done all UKGC sites will become unavailable for the selected time frame. You can choose 6 months if you like or 1 year. Even a 5-year-long option is available. This is a massive advantage for all users and something that you will want to know about. Obviously, the majority of players in the UK still can play on no GamStop casino sites that offer the same games and even better promotions. Finally, once the self-exclusion ends you can call the support, remove the limit and continue gambling at all UKGC casinos and sites.

One of the main disadvantages of UKGC is also its main advantage. The permit is complicated to get and it is expensive. As such a lot of casinos and gambling sites cannot afford it. They also must meet all sorts of laws, some of which are very complicated. Some players have reported that this can be an issue and that it affects gambling freedom.

Lotteries and Gambling Board

The lotteries and Gambling Board is responsible for controlling gambling in Zimbabwe. They control land-based casinos and sports betting establishments at any given moment and they issue a permit to businesses who want to offer to gamble and bet to the people of the country. Keep in mind that gambling here is legal and it is allowed to all people aged 18 and above.

Another thing you need to know is that the Lotteries and Gambling Board doesn’t mention anything about online gambling. It is technically legal but there are no major laws, rules, or anything similar that can be linked here and explained in detail. That being said, the law that country uses is the Lotteries and Gaming Act from 1999. It has been effective since 2000.

One of the major differences, when we compare it to UKGC, is the lack of a self-exclusion platform. As you can see the Lotteries and Gambling Board controls gambling in the same way as UKGC but only focused on land-based casinos so there is no online casino license. As such, there is no online self-exclusion platform.

When or how this will change we don’t have any details or information. We believe that this will change in the near future and it will have a huge, positive effect on the overall gambling experience in the country.

We can add that in Zimbabwe the most popular form of gambling is sports betting and mobile casino games. Millions of people play on a daily basis and they enjoy all sorts of casino games. This is something we all know and something that has a huge role in all of this.

The Final Word

Gambling in Zimbabwe and UK is legal and allowed to all people aged 18 and above. The gambling commissions control gambling in each country and make sure that casinos and sports betting sites offer a fair and safe gambling experience. UKGC is one of the oldest and best-known gambling authorities in the world. Lotteries and Gambling Board still has to grow and focus on online and especially mobile gambling.

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