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SHOCKING: 'Satanist' who killed 13 women and drank their blood says he goes to Universal...

THE Universal Church of the Kingdom of God (UCKG) has disowned a 26-year-old self-confessed "vampire rapist" Alois Nduna, who claimed in court last week he was a member of the fast-growing church.

Nduna, also known as Jackson Moyo, is facing 12 counts of…

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You will never ever be a President of Zimbabwe: 'deadly' Emmerson Mnangagwa told

The MDC, stung by a withering attack on its leader by Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa, has come out guns blazing declaring it will scupper his presidential bid.

Mnangagwa taunted the MDC and Morgan Tsvangirai for their defeat in the 2008 elections and latest…

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Man caught having sex with married woman, loses part of his sex-loving flesh

A 36 YEAR old man lost a chunk of flesh from his cheek after he was bitten by a man who had caught him red-handed having sex with his wife.

Mutizwa Chikore was left bleeding profusely after a no nonsense Zvikomborero  Nyamakura bit off…

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Gumbura's wives who last had sex 18 months ago impress hubby

WIVES of the incarcerated Robert Martin Gumbura serving a 40 year jail term, have not given up on the cleric and have over the past few weeks attracted attention each time the cleric appeared in court.

Gumbura's wives are supposedly are extremely sex-starved, considering…

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Minister Walter Mzembi and David Parirenyatwa narrowly survive Zanu PF horror

Embattled ministers Walter Mzembi and David Parirenyatwa — lived to see another day after surviving the brutal Zanu PF night of horror on Thursday.

The pair, together with former ministers for Indigenisation, Francis Nhema, Information Communication Technology’s Webster Shamu, and Health and Child Care deputy…

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