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A CHITUNGWIZA man on Monday told the court that his promiscuous wife lashed out at him for calling her while she was having sex with her boyfriend.

Elisha Mandirahwe said this at the Chitungwiza Civil Court where he was dragged by his wife, Teresa Mandirahwe, who was seeking a protection order against him.

Elisha told Chitungwiza magistrate Marehwanazvo Gofa that Teresa had a tendency of coming home drunk and always picking a fight with him.

"On January 5 this year she came from her boyfriend's place drunk, fuming and started scolding me as to why I was calling her and disturbing when she was having sex when I only wanted to tell her to come and cook for our child. She even threw a wiper at me and said it had wiped another man whose privates reached her heart," Elisha said.

Elisha also alleged that he had pornographic pictures of his wife which were sent to him by his workmate. He also claimed that Teresa bit off his finger when they were fighting and the finger had to be amputated.

Teresa, however, said Elisha was in a habit of assaulting her. At one time, she claimed, Elisha beat her up when she refused to sleep on charms and clay pots he kept in their residence.

"He came with nude pictures and started alleging that I was the one in the pictures and started beating me up and he calls me a prostitute in front of our child. I never bit his finger off, I only bit him on his leg," Teresa told the court.

Magistrate Gofa granted the pair a reciprocal order.

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