Disturbing details emerge: Evil man pays 11-year-old girl US$1 each time he rɑpes her


In a disturbing court hearing yesterday, it was disclosed that a suspected rɑpist, Patrick Zvarehwanashe, allegedly rewarded his 11-year-old victim with US$1 for each instance of rɑpe. The accused appeared before Harare magistrate Taurai Manuwere, where he did not enter a plea.

According to the allegations, in July, Zvarehwanashe sent the girl’s uncle to propose a romɑntic relɑtionship on his behalf. However, the young girl courageously rejected the proposition. Undeterred, on July 26, Zvarehwanashe purportedly trailed the girl to her grandmother’s house.

Reportedly, upon reaching the premises, he embraced the girl before forcibly dragging her to a nearby under-construction house. It was there that he allegedly committed the first rɑpe and rewarded her with a single US dollar.

The court further heard that on a separate occasion, the girl ventured outside her residence to relieve herself. Seizing the opportunity, Zvarehwanashe, who was present at the house, pursued her. He allegedly silenced her by covering her mouth with his jersey, then carried her to his workplace, where he subjected her to another rɑpe. Once again, he provided her with US$1 as a disturbing form of compensation.

The sh0cking truth emerged when a concerned neighbour approached the girl’s mother, revealing suspicions of an illicit relationship between the neighbour and Zvarehwanashe. Prompted by this revelation, the girl’s mother questioned her daughter, who bravely disclosed the repeated instances of rɑpe.

This distressing case highlights the horrifying ordeal endured by the young victim and raises urgent concerns about child safety and the prevalence of such heinous crimes. The court proceedings will continue as the accused faces charges related to the abhorrent acts committed against the innocent child.

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