Drama as woman drags ex-husband to court: He earns about US$1 000 per month


A father was dragged to court in Harare by ex-wife after failing to provide financial support for his three-year-old child. Tafadzwa Mudzengerere’s ex-wife, Rutendo Katsumbe, took him to court to request a monthly maintenance fee for their child’s care.

Katsumbe told the magistrate that she has sole custody of their three-year old and is responsible for the child’s expenses. She requested a monthly maintenance fee of $200 USD to cover necessary costs like food, medical bills, clothing, and other needs.

However, Mudzengerere insisted he could only afford to pay $30 USD per month. Katsumbe disagreed, stating Mudzengerere earns approximately $1,000 USD monthly as a welder running his own company with four employees, including his brothers. She argued he was supporting other relatives but not taking responsibility for his own child.

Mudzengerere disputed owning a company and claimed his income fluctuates greatly. He said some months he only earns $5 per day, while other times up to $150 if work is available. Mudzengerere also informed the court he pays school fees for another child.

After reviewing both arguments, the magistrate ordered Mudzengerere to pay $30 USD monthly for child maintenance starting at the end of September. The court acknowledged his financial obligations but ruled he must contribute to the support of his three-year-old child.

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