Disturbing scene in Chitungwiza: Man takes his own life by slitting his throat in front of residents

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A harrowing incident unfolded in the Seke community of Chitungwiza, as a 33-year-old man took his own life by slitting his throat with a knife in public. The man, identified only as Marlon, carried out the act in full view of residents, leaving them in a state of disbelief.

Prior to this tragic event, Marlon had made a previous suicide attempt by ingesting poison. However, his neighbours intervened and rushed him to the hospital, saving his life. Eyewitnesses revealed that Marlon had recently arrived from Harare with the intention of ending his life in Chitungwiza.

On the day of the incident, Marlon displayed signs of instability and claimed that he was being pursued by officers from the Criminal Investigation Department (CID). He expressed a desire to flee, and during this time, he mentioned that he had incurred a significant gambling debt of US$6,000.

When reporters from NewZimbabwe arrived at the scene in Seke, they discovered Marlon’s lifeless body lying on the road, his neck gruesomely lacerated and blood staining the surroundings. Prior to his fatal act, Marlon had also inflicted multiple stab wounds to his own abdomen, issuing threats to anyone who tried to intervene.

This tragic event has left witnesses speculating about whether Marlon was haunted by something or someone. According to one resident, Marlon exhibited signs of paranoia, claiming that someone was following him. He even threatened to harm his own brother, who had attempted to prevent him from taking his own life. It is believed that Marlon had come to visit his brother in Seke and had previously worked as an artisanal miner, commonly known as a “gweja.”

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