DRAMA: Sangoma Gogo Gwenhamo (34), her ex-lover and friend kidnapped over fake cleansing ritual


Fake Cleansing Scandal: Traditional healer and friends abducted by gang

In a startling incident, a self-styled traditional healer, along with two of her acquaintances, fell victim to a kidnapping orchestrated by seven individuals after a dispute over a fake cleansing ceremony.

The incident unfolded when Gogo Gamuchirai Gwenhamo (34) of Epworth, her ex-lover Isaac Chihoro (38) of Sunningdale 2, and her friend Abel Bango (50) of Riddle Ridge Park were accused by Abba Chidagomo (39) of Retreat, Waterfalls, of conducting a fraudulent cleansing ritual.

Isaac and Abel allegedly provided Gogo Gamuchirai with detailed information about Abba’s life, enabling them to stage the fake cleansing ceremony. Subsequently, Abba joined forces with Admos Mpofu (33), Collen Gumbato (39), Naison Nyamashuka (39), Tendai Hamadziripi (34), Bright Svakaya (47), and Fungai Ndoora (44) to carry out the abduction. The suspects were apprehended at Mabvuku turn-off.

Assistant Inspector Faith Mapisa, the acting Harare provincial police spokesperson, confirmed the arrests, revealing that the seven individuals had demanded a sum of US$1,500. She explained that the incident occurred on January 18 when the accused approached the traditional healer, accusing her of conducting a fraudulent cleansing ceremony. The accused proceeded to assault and interrogate the healer, who eventually confessed that her ex-boyfriend and his friend were involved, providing classified information about the client’s misfortunes.

The accused then coerced the healer into luring the other two victims, promising them a share of the US$1,500 fee that had been charged. Once the duo arrived at the healer’s location, they were ambushed, forcibly taken and confined inside a white Subaru with registration number AFY 5516. The victims were then transported to a secluded area in Sunway City, where they were subjected to brutal physical assaults involving electrical cables, baton sticks, and fists.

Eventually, the victims managed to convince the abductors to drive them to Mabvuku turn-off, claiming they would meet a relative who could provide the demanded amount. However, their plan led to the arrest of the perpetrators.

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