Robbers drag dead colleague’s body for a kilometre after guards shot him in botched robbery attempt


A daring trick almost paid off for one suspected criminal, but his deception was uncovered in the end. Godfrey Magadu, 31, faced charges in court yesterday related to an attempted armed robbery and providing false information to authorities.

According to reports, Magadu and accomplices planned to rob the Chemical Merchants Company in Waterfalls, Armed with shotguns, they confronted two security guards – Given Nyakarare and Samson Mupandawana, who were armed with a revolver. A violent confrontation ensued, with the guards fighting back against being overpowered.

In the commotion, Mr. Nyakarare managed to escape and hide while Mr. Mupandawana was assaulted. The robbers demanded to know where valuables were kept, smashing doors in the process. Realizing a guard had fled, they pursued him but were met with gunfire. One member of the gang was fatally shot in the forehead in the exchange.

Though injured in the side by a gunshot, Magadu survived and escaped the scene. The robbers fled with their dead accomplice in tow, later dumping the body over a kilometer away.

In a bold move, Magadu then went to the police station on October 18th, claiming to be a man named Franklyin Mubaiwa who had been robbed and shot at Masteps in Hopley.

Hoping for medical assistance, he said he’d sought private treatment first and was referred to the police first before he could be attended to since it was a gunshot wound. Acting on the false report and noting his state, police gave him a request of medical treatment form and made arrangements that he be taken to Sally Mugabe Hospital for treatment.

He was later referred to Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals. However, at Parirenyatwa, the truth was uncovered – he was no victim, but in fact the suspected robber from the harrowing attempted heist. He’s now receiving medical treatment under guard and awaits his fate in court.

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